Hey, friends, and hello, Week 5! 

If you have been here since Week 1, YAY! That is something to celebrate! And guess what? If you haven’t been here for it all, I celebrate you, too, because you’re here TODAY, and that’s all that matters.

I’m not sure about you, but wow, showing up today is taking some effort. A friend told me that when she wakes up and is having a hard morning, she will put on some of her best clothes. To wear it helps her feel confident, like celebrating something special, she says, and it will often improve her day.

God can do the same for us as wearing those clothes did for her. 

The Bible describes how being made new in Christ is like putting on new or special clothing. Revelation 7:13-14 tells us that God’s people are given white robes to wear, washed in the blood of the Lamb. Galatians 3:27 tells us that all who have been baptized are clothed with Christ. In Colossians 3:12 we, “as God’s chosen ones holy and beloved”, are encouraged to clothe ourselves in “compassion, humility, kindness, gentleness and patience.”

We are already God’s chosen ones, God’s holy ones, God’s loved ones. Now, He says, we need to wear the character that reflects our new identity. 

These qualities are like the pieces in that perfect outfit! But the confidence and power these clothes provide only work if you leave nothing hanging in the closet. Would the perfect outfit still feel empowering without shoes, jewelry, or a shirt? No. It would be incomplete and disheveled. 

Let’s ask ourselves, “What if I actually just took God as His Word and believed that what He says about me is true?”  What if I did? What if you did? What would it change about how you present yourself in your day-to-day life if you believed that you are “chosen and beloved” by a God who gives us Christ to be clothed in — to wear? What if?

It will only take a little intentionality and the desire to WEAR IT daily! 

Wear the truth of God’s character in your life so that you reflect confidence in being His chosen, holy & beloved daughter.

And, y’all, it’s really that simple. Not easy … but simple.