Training 3.17

Can you believe it?! In two weeks, we will be on the beautiful tropical island of the Dominican Republic! As we get closer, we have some important information for you. 

DR Prayer Guide

“The man who can get believers praying would, under God, usher in the greatest revival that the world has ever known.” Leonard Ravenhill

One of the best ways that you can partner with us in discipling your student is by prayer. So, join me in specifically praying for our students, adult leaders, and staff who are going to share the gospel in 2 weeks! We created this prayer guide to give you one specific request each day to lift to the Lord, and it will conclude a week after we get back to the States. Our team is praying that God will spark a revival in our students, which will lead to an awakening of lost people trusting in Jesus in the DR and East Cobb!


Print out the prayer guide and place it on your refrigerator, or save it on your phone, and when you see it… pray for us!

Important Information

  1. We are still waiting for the ATL Airport to give us our flight times. Stay tuned…. We will communicate those details to you as soon as we get them!
  2. Our last and final training is this Sunday!!! Please make sure your students are there, as we have some important information to share with them!

Student Leader Devotion

One of our student leaders, Thomas O’Nan, led the way by teaching the importance of holiness. It was a great reminder that no one is holy, but through Jesus and the power of the Holy Spirit, he makes us holy! As followers of Jesus, it is important that we pursue a life of holiness, knowing that we aren’t perfect but believing the Holy Spirit will continue to change us. I love Eugene Peterson’s quote on holiness: “There is no place that exists without the potential for holiness.”

  1. Why are we not holy? What does the Bible say about that?
  2. How does Jesus make us holy?
  3. What does it mean to “pursue holiness,” and how can we do that?

Parents, I would encourage you as well to think about how you are pursuing holiness in this season of your life. Follow him this week and lead your kids to do the same.