Training 2.11

Hey parents!

This past Sunday was incredible! We spent time in the world, learned VBS songs, and found out our Family Groups for the trip.

Student Leader Devotion

One of our student leaders, Trey Trotti, led the way by teaching on the importance of worship. He made the point that God created everyone to worship, and sadly, our worship is often placed on things that were never meant to be worshipped. Trey finished his devotion by saying, “If we are going to see revival in our church and this student ministry, it is going to take us throwing our idols and worshipping the only one worthy of our worship: Jesus.”

Questions for family discussion:

  • What are common things that we worship in our culture? What are idols in our lives?
  • Read Psalm 63:1-4 together as a family and discuss how this passage talks about biblical and personal worship.

Family Group Reveal

Your student should have found out their family group last night. This is so exciting! You should be hearing from your student’s family group leader very soon. Family groups will meet every week from now until the trip and will be traveling together while we are in the DR. Please be praying for our family group leaders as they lead and disciple your students.