DR 2024 | Day 6

Parents… Another update is coming to you on the last day (best day) of ministry!

We kicked off our morning with some French toast, bananas, and our morning devotions. We have really enjoyed opening the Word of God in the mornings and reading devotionals written by our very own Seniors. We would love for you to sit down with your students when they get home and ask them to share what they have been learning through our student-written devotions.

Our week of ministry ended on a high note. We finished building bunk beds for numerous families, led sports camps for multiple villages, and prayed with people to trust Christ all across our VBS sites. The stories we have will truly encourage your faith and give you renewed excitement about how the Lord is moving in our midst. I hope you ask your students to share a God moment with you when they get home.

One really cool story we have is from one of our witnessing sites today. A family group went door to door today passing out food and sharing their testimonies with the people in the community. They came across a man who was hostile to the Gospel. His cousin was a pastor, and he was coming up with arguments and excuses against Jesus and Christianity. The family group began praying for the man and sharing Scripture with him. They prayed that the scales would be removed from his eyes and that he would see his need for God. After 50 minutes of prayer and reading Scripture, there was a moment when the man’s demeanor completely changed… he blurted out, “Yes, yes!” He prayed and trusted in Christ. The scales fell off his eyes, and he was joyful! The Lord transformed His heart in that moment. 

We ended the night with a Word from John 4 about the disciples’ response to Jesus speaking with the Samaritan woman. The disciples completely missed the point — they didn’t bring anyone to the well to meet Jesus. They were too worried about where they were going and what they were doing next. The Samaritan woman ran it back to tell everyone she knew about Jesus. She brought many of them to the well with her. Logan challenged the students to stop sleepwalking in their faith and wake up to the lost people in their lives. East Cobb is a mission field! Pray for our students as they begin to prepare for reentering normal life in East Cobb. Pray that they will be challenged and shaped by their experiences in the DR.