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Crossover Basketball


Late July through October. Registration opens in early May.

  • Boys and girls in 6th-9th grade
  • Each team will practice once per week for an hour and a half
  • Practice days are Monday-Friday
  • Practice day and time are subject to coach availability
  • Games are once per week on Saturdays
  • Season ends with a tournament

Rules for Crossover Basketball

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Officials will call according to official high school rules unless otherwise noted below

Game Time Structure

  • We will play four (7) minute quarters in 6/7 Grade Boys divisions and four (8) min quarters in 8/9 Grade Boys and 6-9th Grade Girls divisions.
  • We will play with a stopped clock on all whistles. (violations, out of bounds, fouls, timeouts, ec)
  • Three (3) minutes will be allowed between halves of the game. Two (2) minutes will be allowed at the end of the 1st and 3rd quarters as well as between overtime periods for water breaks.
  • If the game is tied after regulation, then there will be a two minute overtime. The clock will stop on all whistles. If the overtime ends in a tie, the game will be considered a tie; there will not be a second overtime.
  • Jump ball used to start the game and the overtime period.


  • Teams are allowed (2) full timeouts and (2) 30 second timeouts per game.
  • In the event of overtime, each team will be given 1 additional 30 second timeout. Unused timeouts from the 2nd half will carry over in the event of overtime in addition to the 1 given for overtime.


  • Girls and 6/7 Boys – first 2 games; full court pressing in the last 2 minutes of each half and the overtime period(s). After the first 2 games, full court pressing allowed at any time in the games.
  • 8/9 Boys – first 2 games; full court pressing only in the 2nd half. After the first 2 games, full court pressing allowed at any time in the games.
  • If a team is ahead by 20 or more points, full court pressing is not allowed.

Playing Time

  • All players will play one quarter of playing time in the first half of each game, and make an appearance in the 2nd half regardless of the foul situation. Each coach’s goal should be to get each player 3-4 min in the 2nd half.
  • Teams will ONLY sub halfway through the 1st and 2nd quarters and will sub in their bench. This is not a timeout. Please have your players ready to sub in and out. Exception: If you are a team of less than 10 players, in the first half of play you can choose to sub in a player ONLY for the player(s) you kept in the game.
  • The starting lineup is up to you and who you leave in the game is up to you if you have less than 10 players.
  • Only injury can prevent a player from this standard.


  • Each player will only be allowed 5 fouls during the game.
  • Bonus foul shots will be awarded on the 7th team foul in each half and double bonus on the 10th foul in each half. Team fouls will be the combination of personal and technical fouls. Total player personal fouls will be the combined total of both personal and technical fouls.

Mercy Rules

  • In the event that a team should be winning by 20 or more points at the beginning of the 4th quarter the clock will continue to run and no longer be stopped on dead balls.
  • If at any time the lead is reduced to less than 20 points in the 4th quarter then we will begin stopping the clock on all dead ball possessions once again.


  • Tee shirts worn underneath the player’s basketball jersey must be the same color of the jersey. The undershirt must not have frayed or ragged edges. Sleeves must be the same length.

New NFHS Rules 14-15

  • 4-19-3d: Intentional fouls include but are not limited to: Excessive contact with an opponent while the ball is live or until an airborne shooter returns to the floor.
  • 9-1-4g: A player occupying a marked lane space…may enter the lane on the release of the ball by the free throw shooter.
  • 10-6-12 NEW: The following acts constitute a foul when committed against a ball handler/dribbler:
  1. Placing two hands on the player.
  2. Placing an extended arm bar on the player.
  3. Placing and keeping a hand on the player.
  4. Contacting the player more than once with the same hand or alternating hands.

All games, practices, and evaluations take place at the fields at Johnson Ferry.


Shane Millard