We made it!! Training is over, and we will leave on Sunday. All the details are below.

Training’s 5 Recap

We studied our final bible stories, and students practiced a craft for the week. To wrap up our time, we split the guys and girls up for specific training on etiquette and rules for the week. Be praying for them as they get ready to prepare!

Departure Details

1) Arrive at 6:45am
2) Upon arrival, check in inside the middle school room. You will enter through the exterior doors.
3) After check-in, put your luggage on the bus. (Bus 1: Boys, Bus 2: Girls, Bus 3: Equipment)
4) Once your luggage is loaded, you will return to the MS room for orientation and departure.

Do you need a copy of the packing list and other logistics? Click here!

We are praying for you! Thank you for partnering with us to disciple and equip your student(s).