DR 2024 | Day 4

Another exciting day of ministry is in the books! Let us give you some highlights:

  • The mayor of one community in the DR heard about our Vacation Bible School and attended with his family! There were HUNDREDS of kids across all of our VBS sites who got to hear how the blood of Jesus covers their sin and makes them righteous before God. 
  • Students made bunk beds from scratch and delivered them to multiple homes and families. With each bunk bed came a prayer of encouragement, a student testimony, and a student-led gospel conversation. What a joy!
  • Some groups went to a church to pass out food bags. The students saw a need and decided to begin an impromptu worship moment. It was a beautiful sight to behold… our students are singing in English, and their Dominican brothers and sisters in Christ are singing in Spanish! 

When we returned to Tierra Alta later in the afternoon, our bodies may have been tired, but our hearts were full. Students have spurred one another on to keep doing the work of the Lord this week.

Tonight, we heard from Logan as we continued in the story of the woman at the well. He took us through 3 moments in the story: a moment of confrontation, a moment of deflection, and a moment of liberation. He challenged students to write on a rock what they were “filling their jars” with instead of Christ. Logan challenged them to lay those rocks at the foot of the cross, just like the woman at the well left her jar of water when she learned about who Jesus really was. Students were convicted, and the Word of God pierced straight into their hearts. That’s what the Word of God does… it changes hearts and minds!

Your students are taking seriously the call to “go and proclaim the Gospel to all nations” and have not grown weary in doing the work of the Lord. We are so proud of them, and you should be too! Check out our Instagram and Facebook for all the photos we have captured this week.

***Disclaimer: Please do not post any photos on social media that contain Dominican minors. Our international mission partners have asked us to refrain from posting any vulnerable populations on social media as a safety precaution for them and the people they serve.