Training 3.3

Hey parents!

What a day. I want to thank you for coming to the parent meeting. You heard all the logistics and got to hear my heart about what I believe God is going to do in your students. We are praying for you as you continue to love and lead your students as they prepare to go to the Dominican Republic.

Parent Meeting Information

I want to hit the highlights for you as a quick reminder of our discussion yesterday.

  1. Flight and departure times will come in the next few weeks. We are waiting for the ATL airport to give us our information. Stay tuned…
  2. Turn in all forms, and passports asap!
  3. Final payments were due yesterday. If you haven’t paid, go into your MY JF account and do that for us.
  4. If your student has any major allergies or medical needs, please communicate with us immediately!

As we get ready to leave in the coming weeks, I want to encourage you to continue to lean into what your student is learning. Maybe this week, you could even ask them, “What is God teaching you as you get ready to go?” and then pray for them. Also, I want you to consider the following question, “How will you fan the flame burning in your student’s heart when they get back after the trip?”. You will have an incredible opportunity to capitalize on a major spiritual moment in your life. Don’t waste it!

Student Leader Devotion

One of our student leaders, Riley Bruce, led the way by teaching the importance of faith. He posed two questions, “What is faith? And How do I live out my faith?”. His answers to those questions were both comforting and challenging. His answers are below.

  1. Faith is more than believing that God exists, but it is trusting him with your life. (James 2:19)
  2. Faith means you can take risks knowing God is in control. (Acts 5:27-42)

He ended his talk with a challenging question, and I will leave the same challenge with you this week.

How can you live out your faith this week?