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Coed High School Kickball


Mid-March through late May. Registration opens early January.

  • Men and women, 17 years+
  • One match (3 games) per week for 6 weeks on Wednesday nights.
  • Matches start mid-March.
  • Tournament takes place at the end of the season.
  • Volunteer team captains recruit players for their teams. If you don’t know a captain, use our free agent process to get on a team.
  • Three levels based on your experience and understanding.

Rules: Cross Court Volleyball

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Roster Max: None

Season Length: 6 weeks plus a single elimination tournament

Registration Fee: $30 per player (includes jersey)

FREE Childcare: Babies (8 weeks) -5th grade Location: Pre-School Area at Johnson Ferry

  • Reserve through registration.
  • If not enough sign up for a particular game hour– we can offer childcare tickets, which is a partial reimbursement plan where the family secures their own sitter and the church will reimburse them $5 per hour and $.50 additional for each child up to $7/hour max.


  • Players must be 16 years of age or older to participate in the adult divisions
  • Players must be in high school to participate in the high school division
  • Each team’s grace period consists of the 5-minute warmup and 5-minute devotional; the first game will be considered a forfeit if a team does not meet the minimum requirements at the conclusion of the devotion
    • If after 15 minutes, the team still does not meet the minimum requirements, the entire match will be considered a forfeit; the opponent will receive the full 4 points toward league standings
    • If within 15 minutes, the team meets the minimum requirements thus making the offending team legal to play, only the first game will be a forfeit; we will immediately begin game play with game 2

Team Structure

  • A team shall consist of 6 people, including a minimum of 2 women
  • A team is required a minimum of 4, including a minimum of 2 women to start
    • If only 4 players are available, the person in the serving position is considered the only person in the back row

League Format & Timing

  • Schedule – 5 minutes warmup, 5 minutes devotion, one match (3 games)
  • Standings – all teams play all three games regardless of the outcome of the first two games
    • We do not base standings on the scores of each game
    • You receive 1 point for each game win and 1 additional point for a match win (win 2 out of 3 games)
  • Rally scoring will be used at all times; each time the ball is served a point is won for either the serving or receiving team
  • Each game will be played to 25 points, win by 2 or first to 30 – whichever comes first
  • Each team is allowed one 30-second timeout per game; timeouts do not rollover


  • All players must be registered in the league and wear their game jersey; if you don’t wear your jersey, you cannot play
  • Players may wear soft, pliable knee pads
  • Non-marking shoes are required, and athletic attire are recommended
  • No hats or jewelry (such as watches, bracelets, necklaces, or dangling earrings) are allowed
  • The net will hang at 8’ 0” height

Playing Area

  • The court for play will be the gold volleyball court lines; the inside sideline is navy blue
  • The walls and court dividers are out of play
  • Any ball that hits the ceiling or overheard structures is in play as long as the ball does not cross the net after hitting the obstruction, and the team has another hit remaining; overhead structures include the basketball goals.
  • Teams will switch sides after each game


  • In all levels of play, teams will rotate clockwise at every change of service for your team
  • At the time of service, all players must be in proper rotation position; players may move once service contact has been made
  • Back row players are prohibited from blocking and spiking within the attack area; however, back row players can spike the ball if they jump from behind the attack line
    • High School and Recreational Divisions: Teams can substitute an unlimited number of times at their discretion as to when and where; however, subs must be made on a player-for-player basis (i.e. Player #2 subs Play #6, then Player #6 can only come back in for Player #2). Substitution pairs can be changed with each new game
    • Competitive and Advanced Divisions: A substitute can enter each time your team takes possession to serve. Male and female players can substitute for one another so long as 2 females remain on the court at all times. You may choose to substitute at the service position or middle back position; however, you must stay consistent the entire match
  • We do not play the libero position

Coin Toss

  • Each match will begin with a coin toss; the Home Team will call the toss
  • The winner will choose 1) first serve; 2) receive the first serve; or 3) choice of court side
    • The loser chooses from the remaining options

The Serve

  • The server may serve underhand or overhand
  • The server shall have 5 seconds after the referee’s “ready to serve” whistle in which to contact the ball for service
  • The server must stand behind the serving line until contact with the ball is made
  • If, after releasing or throwing the ball for service, the server allows the ball to fall to the floor without touching it, the service effort shall be canceled and a reserve directed
    • This cannot be done to delay the game nor can it be done two consecutive times in a row
  • The service is considered good if the ball passes over the net between the antenna and their definite extensions without touching any other objects other than the net; if a serve hits the net and still goes over, the ball is live
  • You cannot use 2 or more players to screen the server by standing together directly in front of the server

Playing the Ball

  • Each team is allowed a maximum of three successive contacts of the ball in order to return the ball to the opponent’s area
  • The ball may be hit with any part of the body
  • A player may not hit the ball twice in succession
  • A block is not considered first contact; a player participating in the block shall have the right for next contact
  • A player cannot block or attack the ball on the opposite side of the net; the ball must break the net’s vertical plane of the net
  • Only players in the front line at the time of service may legally block; players in the back line cannot block or participate in a black
  • Attacking/blocking a serve is prohibited
  • A back-line player may attack in the air only from behind the attack line
  • Carrying the Ball: Players may not contact the ball with an open palm that’s facing up (1 or 2 hands)
    • Scooping, lifting, pushing, or allowing the ball to roll into the body will constitute a hold
    • This results in the opponent receiving a point
    • Referee can use discretion based on the level playing in that match
  • Female Requirements: Females may contact the ball on one, two, or all three of the allowed hits (remember: a block is not considered a 1st contact)
    • High School, Recreational, and Competitive Divisions: If the ball is contacted more than twice on one side of the net, a female must contact the ball before it is returned to the opponent’s side of the net
    • Advanced Division: if the ball is contacted more than once on one side of the net, a female must contact the ball before it is returned to the opponent’s side of the net

Playing the Net

  • If a player’s action causes contact with the net during play, accidentally or purposefully, with any part of the body or uniform, it shall constitute a fault (exception: hair)
  • Contacting the opponent’s playing area with any part of the body except feet is a fault; a foot is not at fault so long as part of the encroaching foot or feet remain on or above the centerline
  • Either team may play a ball that has penetrated the vertical plane of the net
  • A spiker’s arms may follow through over the net so long as contact was made on his/her side of the net. Clarification: Ball is considered to have cross the net when any part of the ball is extended over the net


**When Competitive and Advanced Divisions are combined, we will play Competitive Division rules


Julia Jones