DR 2024 | Day 3

Our first day of ministry was filled with joy and praise! We are so proud of the way students served, led, and shared the gospel with so many people in the DR today.

Some wins…

  • Students went from being timid about sharing their faith to bold and excited about sharing how the Lord changed their lives.
  • Leaders were so impressed by the way students were having gospel conversations. Leaders said their students were articulate, honest, and rooted in biblical truth. One even said this is the most prepared he has ever seen a group of students to be on fire for the gospel!
  • We are seeing the fruit of these gospel conversations: people in the DR are trusting Christ for the first time!

Ministry sites were full of young DR kids and families ready for their American friends to tell them about Jesus! It was truly so sweet to see them welcome us with big cheers and open arms.

Our sports sites saw hundreds of kids participating in sports clinics— which means hundreds of kids heard the gospel preached by your students! Our VBS sites saw many young kids sing, dance, and memorize scripture, all pointing them to the fact that their sin separates them from God, but He sent His Son Jesus to save them. Our construction and food distribution sites saw communities served with essentials for their families. Our orphanage sites saw lots of our students sharing the love of Christ by being a loving witnesses. It was truly a remarkable day. 

Tonight, as we gathered in worship, we opened the word of God to John 4 — a familiar story to many students. The rest of the week, we are going to be studying the events of the encounter with Jesus and the woman at the well. Dylan walked us through this question tonight: What “wells” are we going to apart from Jesus to try and fill us?

Would you pray that students would be willing to search their hearts and truly examine what they are searching for? Would you also pray that the idols of their hearts would fall away? Would you pray they would truly seek God and surrender all of themselves to him? We appreciate your prayers. We are expectant for God to keep moving. We are already in awe of the ways God has captured the hearts of people here in the DR. See you tomorrow!