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Support Groups

Life’s struggles were not meant to be endured alone

There are many times throughout our lives that we will encounter brokenness, loss, grief, and many more painful emotions. These emotions can stem from death, divorce, or even a prodigal child. We believe that God designed you for community and there is no better time to experience community than during your greatest times of need. Our Support Groups are meant to provide a safe place to walk through life’s difficult times with people who are in similar situations.

Care Partners

Caring for loved ones living with cognitive decline is challenging. This group provides a safe place to talk about the struggles, ideas, and hopes we have as we care for our loved ones.

When: Sundays at 2pm
Where: Evergreen Room

No registration is required.

Crossroads Career

Learn from a group of experts who help job seekers find work. This group offers step-by-step instructions for finding a job and preparing for a career transition.

When: Various
Where: Online

Depression / Bipolar

Nearly 15% of Americans suffer from depression or bipolar disorder. This group offers support for those who are suffering from one of these debilitating issues as well as their loved ones.

When: 1st & 3rd Thu at 7pm or 2nd & 4th Wed at 10am
Where: Room 339

No Registration Required

DivorceCare and DivorceCare for Kids

When a marriage ends in divorce some painful realities set in. These support groups are designed to help you and your children cope with the pain and hurt caused by divorce.

When: Wednesdays at 6:15pm
Where: Rooms 336 & 339


The loss of a loved one is a traumatic time for those who are left behind. The grief can be overwhelming at times. This group is designed to walk alongside you as you learn to cope with the grief, pick up the pieces, and continue to live a fruitful and product life.

When: Mondays at 7pm
Where: Room 354

Hearts of Hope

Learning that someone you care about is attracted to the same sex can be a difficult time. What do you do? How do you talk to them? This support group is designed to help you walk through the loving and biblical responses to these and other questions you may have.

When: 1st & 3rdThursdays at 7pm
Where: Room 351

No registration is required.

Parents of Prodigals

As parents, few things are more difficult than watching your children turn their back on God. This groups helps offer support and hope to parents who have prodigal children.

When: 2nd & 4th Thursday at 7pm
Where: Room 270

No registration required.



Parents of children who face a different set of challenges. This group is a roundtable type discussion of all things “not typical” for parents of children with special needs.

When: Wednesdays at 7pm
Where: Evergreen Room

Walking Free

This group is designed to provide biblical, confidential support for men struggling with a porn or sex addiction.

Email [email protected] or call 678-784-5210 for more information.


This is a biblically-based, confidential support group for wives of men with a porn or sex addiction or instances of infidelity.
Call the Counseling Ministry for more information.


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