Weddings at Johnson Ferry

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General Requirements

  1. Weddings must be between one biological man and one biological woman, both of whom are professing Christians as described in Scripture. Johnson Ferry will not sanction weddings or ceremonies or make facilities available for the joining of more than two people or two people of the same sex.
  2. Each couple is required to meet with a JFBC appointed staff member to receive pre-marital approval. Pre-marital approval is required before the wedding can be confirmed on the calendar.
  3. Marriage Preparation Counseling is required.
  4. Members of Johnson Ferry and/or children of members of Johnson Ferry are eligible for member fees. A $200 non-refundable deposit must accompany the wedding application in order to be calendared.

Marriage Preparation Counseling

Build your marriage on a solid foundation with tools to safeguard your marriage and set realistic expectations.

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