Ministries Plan Q&A

Please review the following content about the Ministries Plan for 2020-2021. You may submit additional questions about the Ministries Plan to the Operations Team through September 21.

Q: What is the new budget total?

A: $20,575,000. This is a 1.5% decrease or approximately $302,000 less than the current year budget. This budget is recommended as a plan to move the ministry of Johnson Ferry forward while demonstrating continued good stewardship of God’s resources. As it is each year, this is a faith goal requiring each one of us to trust the Lord fully with our giving.

Q: How Did You Get that Number?

A: Through planning, presentation and prayer the 2020-21 Ministries Plan comes to you after much thoughtful consideration and discussion by several key committees and the staff over a multi-week period.

  • JF staff prepares detailed worksheets for each line account in their area of responsibility, then presents and discusses their plans to the Budget Planning Committee, Finance Committee and Elders. Each ministry is specifically prayed over. The Personnel Committee has met with the Executive Staff to develop overall personnel recommendations.
  • After presentations are complete, concentrated prayer continues as each committee member reviews the plans and seeks God’s leading.
  • The Budget Planning Committee re-convenes and establishes a bottom line goal. Adjustments, as necessary, are made with the staff. Upon final agreement, the Budget Planning Chair then presents a recommended budget to the Finance Committee.
  • After the Finance Committee reviews, discusses and approves, the Budget Planning Chair with the recommendation of the Finance Committee, presents the proposed budget to the Elders.
  • The Elders review, approve and recommend to the Church for affirmation. A summary of the budget is available to the Church for consideration.
  • A vote of affirmation by the Church on the 2020-2021 Ministries Plan will take place on September 27 in all worship services without further discussion.

Q: Why are personnel costs distributed across the budget?

A: Personnel costs including salaries, taxes and benefits are reflected in each major ministry area. This allows you to more clearly observe how budget dollars are allocated across the entire budget. For example, just over 22% of the budget supports JFBC’s Global Missions efforts. This 22% includes the normal missions support and partnerships as well as staff costs assigned to that ministry department. Combined Personnel costs have been reduced over $300,000 in this budget versus last year’s budget. They represent 58% of the total budget recommendation. The leadership of Johnson Ferry is continuing to analyze this area to make sure we are operating in an efficient and effective manner.


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