7 Tips to Keep Your Job Search on Track

Adapted from article by Jo Crawford, Team Lead, Global Relocations (Americas) at IMPACT Group

While the COVID-19 pandemic is bringing uncertainty to the labor market, the good news is that here at IMPACT Group we are still seeing our participants being scheduled for interviews, receiving job offers and onboarding in their newly landed roles across all regions.

There is a hiring slowdown and some reductions in industries most directly impacted by travel restrictions and social distancing, such as event planning, airlines, hotels and restaurants. However, other industries are currently hiring and creating new jobs—especially remote, gig and interim jobs – such as Amazon looking to hire 10,000 workers for their fulfillment centers.

Jobseekers may be facing the stress of figuring out how to navigate the job search at a time when employers are moving to remote working and may be wondering whether to continue applying for positions. Being able to successfully navigate these job search concerns during this transition may require guidance.

Here are tips for job seekers on adapting their job search:

1. Keep on Task

Continue to identify openings, complete applications and follow up. Stay focused on goals and set aside time each week to make sure you remain on task. That said, you may need to reset your expectations on when you will be able to land an offer and start date.

2. Be Flexible

Reflect on the roles you are targeting and consider interim, contract and remote opportunities. Update your job preferences on Linkedin to let recruiters know you are flexible and open to nontraditional roles. If you have experience working virtually or managing a remote team, let them know as this is key in the current workforce.

Anticipate delays as HR departments adapt to a new way of working and recruiting from their home offices. Keep reaching up and keeping in touch, with understanding that they may be tending to their existing employees’ needs as a priority over hiring and onboarding at this time.

3. Prepare for Virtual Interviews

With social distancing at play, expect face-to-face interviews to be scrapped in favor of phone and web conferencing. Do you have the right tech? You may want to consider signing up and setting up Skype, Zoom and/or GoMeeting so that you are ready ahead of an interview request.

Review tips on acing virtual interviews. You may practice with a cell phone to get comfortable being on camera.

4. Communicate and Communicate Some More

Keep your job leads warm by updating your social media and keeping in touch with your recruiter contacts. This is a great time to suggest a phone call with recruiters as they have more time for in depth calls with candidates.

5. Research Companies

Continue to research your target companies on Linkedin or Glassdoor. We recommend googling your target companies and industries to stay up-to-date on how they are impacted by the pandemic and current economic climate.

6. Continue to Network

It may sound counterintuitive while we are social distancing, but networking via email, phone and web conferencing is a great option. Reach out to your network to check in and update them where you are in your job search.

This is also a time to start putting out feelers for informational interviews in the coming weeks as everyone settles into their new WFH (work from home) routines. Speaking to contacts, recruiters and hiring managers in your industry will help you find out hiring patterns and help who to target and when.

7. Upskill

Use this time to keep learning and adding to your skillset by taking online courses on Coursera, Udemy, Lynda/Linkedin Learning and others. There are many other free opportunities out there through professional associations.

Participate in live webinars and group coaching on all aspects of your job search. Webinars are best suited to your search or peruse our calendar and sign up for any upcoming live webinars. As always, a coach can help and support you during your job search in this changing labor market. Please lean on us as a resource and support for your job search needs.



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