Playball Winter Session Class Details


Johnson Ferry Room 105 on Tuesdays

Johnson Ferry Activities Center North on Wednesdays


Class size: 


Limited to 8 children

Class Times:


Tuesday: 1:15-2 p.m. for 3-4 year olds
Tuesday: 1:15-2 p.m. for 4-5 year olds 
Wednesday: 1:15-2 p.m. for 3-4 year olds
Wednesday: 1:15-2 p.m. for 4-5 year olds
Class Dates: Tuesdays: March 18 - May 13 (Excludes April 1)
Wednesdays: March 19 - May 14 (Excludes April 2)


$130 for 8 week Tuesday session in Room 105.

$130 for 8 week Wednesday session in Activities Center North

**Includes a Playball medal and souvenir at session completion.   


** If your child attends The Wee-School and you would like us to accompany them from their classroom to Playball, please email us your child's room number and teacher's name. Please direct all questions and communication about Playball to Laura Thompson at Playball_GA@live.com or 404-423-8682. Please do not contact the Wee-School. 

*** In case of inclement weather, we will follow any Wee School Closing according to Cobby County Schools.


To register for Playball please go to www.playballcobb.com.


Playball is a highly specialized ball sports program, devised and continually updated by sports experts, occupational therapists, and educational specialists. At Playball, girls and boys learn the basic skills for such sports as baseball, basketball, hockey, tennis, soccer, volleyball and more in a warm, caring, positive and friendly environment.

This unique program will teach your children essential life skills through the medium of sport. The sports and life skills learned at Playball give children the desire and confidence to participate in activities both on and off the field.


At Playball we are committed to addressing the needs of the whole child, not just the physical, but also the social, emotional, and cognitive.

  • Physical: fine/gross motor development, muscle tone, hand-eye/foot-eye coordination, body balance, spatial perception, motor planning.
  • Social: sportsmanship, co-operation, discipline, respect, independence.
  • Emotional: confidence, self-esteem, perseverance, responsibility.
  • Cognitive: Auditory processing, visual discrimination, concentration skills


  • Classes are age appropriate, and progressive to ensure the systematic development of skills.
  • For each age group we have ten beginner, ten intermediate and ten advanced lesson plans.
  • Classes are structured, comprising 2 warm-ups, 6-8 basic sports skills, and a game.
  • Each class of 6-8 children is small enough to clearly monitor development and progression but large enough to ensure a fun-filled environment.
  • The program is non-competitive, so no child is ever put under pressure to achieve.
  • The classes are fast paced, creative, and fun using lots of imagery and verbal labeling.

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Assistant Pastor
Taylor McCown
Recreation Associate
Recreation Office