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At Johnson Ferry, we are dedicated to helping teenagers live their faith twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. That’s why, in addition to our regular Sunday Worship, we offer a variety of ways for our High School students to meet Jesus for the first time and grow in their faith.


Gravity meets every Sunday morning at 10:00 a.m. for large group teaching and small group discussion in Student Center South.  Students sit around tables in a small group setting with an adult leader to discuss the message or topic of the day.  If you are new and need help connecting with a small group, give us a call at the student offices, or just show up on Sunday morning at the welcome desk and one of our friendly volunteers will help you connect!



On April 18 at noon in the Activities Center, our special Good Friday Student Service will feature guest speaker Chris Brooks as well as worship led by Unhindered,  All students are invited to attend.  Be sure to check with your school about their dismissal policy.


LifeGroups are designed to CONNECT with every student, from every school, GROW them in their faith, and equip them to REACH out to their friends. They meet three Wednesday nights every month at 7 p.m. during the school year at different homes around the community.  You can find a LifeGroup near you by clicking HERE! 


The Mix meets one Wednesday a month 7 - 8:15 p.m. in Student Center South for worship and teaching.  This is a relaxed ennvironment with live music, engaging media, and Bible teaching.

The last Mix is on Wednesday April 9th.  

CORE Student Info

CORE Discipleship Stages

What is it?

This is an opportunity to grow and deepen your faith in Christ. Just as strengthening your core is important in a solid workout routine, your spiritual CORE should be strengthened and developed. CORE is designed to be a personal plan of discipleship that you complete on your own schedule. It is a self-guided process that will be completed in stages, taking as long as you determine. Ultimately, the goal of CORE is to assist you in taking responsibility for your own spiritual growth. In order to move through the stages, you will need to choose a “checkpoint” person that will help guide you and pray for you. A good suggestion for this person is your Sunday small group leader or maybe a parent.

What is involved?

CORE will use memorization, inspirational reading, journaling, and interactive study to encourage you in your faith journey. Since you work at your own pace, there are no deadlines or expectations. This is simply a way for those ready to take their faith to another level to find direction and help.

A major part of CORE will be keeping a journal. The hope is that this journal will serve as a reminder of all that you have learned throughout this process. It will be a great source of wisdom and help in the future as you reflect on this journey.

Progressing to the next stage:

Each stage of CORE must be completed before moving on to the next. It is important to keep a record of all that you are learning and doing in your journal to use with your CheckPoint adult. After completing a stage, your CheckPoint person will verify your efforts by discussing it briefly with you and then signing your StageCard. You are then able to turn it in for a new StageCard for the next stage of CORE. Each stage will present new encouragement and challenges as you progress toward completion.

How do I begin?

It's simple. Once you have verified your CheckPoint adult, pick up a journal with a Stage 1 card from the Student Office or the Welcome Desk in the Student Center. We will record your name and the name of your CheckPoint adult in a database to keep up with your progress. You decide where to start once you receive your StageCard. To make it easier on you, our goal is to keep books in stock for purchase in the Student Center or at the Bookmark.

Core Adult Info

CORE Discipleship for Students

What is it?

CORE is an opportunity for a student to grow and deepen his/her faith in Christ. CORE is designed to be a personal plan of discipleship that each student will complete as time allows, working at his/her own pace. It is a self-guided process that will be completed in stages, taking as long as the student determines. Ultimately, the goal of CORE is to assist our teenagers in taking responsibility for their own spiritual growth. In order to move through the stages, each student will need to choose a “CheckPoint” person that will help guide them and pray for them. If you are receiving this card, it is because you are being asked to consider becoming the CheckPoint for a student.

What is involved?

Each stage of CORE involves memorization, inspirational reading assignments, journaling, and interactive study to encourage spiritual growth in students. The goal is that you will become a mentor and encourager for the student during this process. Ultimately, as the CheckPoint adult, we are asking that you meet briefly with the student upon completion of each stage to see how things are going. The student will need to present you with the StageCard so you will know the current assignments.

CheckPoint Topics:

  • Ask them to recite scripture verses or other memorization.
  • Talk briefly about the books and the significance of each one.
  • Ask about what they are learning or how their faith is being impacted.
  • Do a quick journal check for assignments listed on the StageCard.
  • Ask if there are any questions that you can help answer.
  • Encourage personal devotion times.
  • Ask how you can pray for them in the days ahead and actually pray with them right then.
  • Sign the StageCard. This allows the student to progress to the next stage of CORE.
  • NOTE: The journal is a critical part of CORE. The hope is that this journal will serve as a reminder of all that is being learned throughout this process. It can be a great source of wisdom and help in the future as students reflect on this journey. If a student fills up a journal, he/she can ask for another.

What CORE is not:

CORE is not intended to be a program that is forced upon a student by a parent or leader. By design, CORE is meant for those who are ready and willing to grow spiritually. CheckPoint adults (especially parents) are asked to encourage the process without making this a requirement for the student. The ultimate goal is to help students learn how to develop and deepen their faith on their own.

How Much Time is Involved?

It will be up to each adult and student to decide how this relationship will work. A stage may take a month or 4 months to complete. Who knows? Checking in once per month might be a good starting point. This will allow you to be an encourager without being pushy or creating stress for a busy student. Asking how you can pray for him or her is a great way to "check in" on the CORE process.



Watch the 2013 recap video here!

Check out the Johnson Ferry Students Facebook page to look at some of the group pictures from this year:  Facebook.com/JohnsonFerryStudents

Mission Trips

Every year several hundred high school students and adults choose to spend their Spring Break on a mission trip. Students in grades 9-11 travel to the Dominican Republic and Seniors travel to Peru, to use various creative methods to share Jesus.  Even during summer break, students will travel around the world to serve others on mission trips. Past trips include Kenya, Ukraine, Jamaica, and Nicaragua. God has used these trips to touch the lives of many, and those who go are changed forever by their experiences on mission with God. For more information about the Spring Break trips visit:  JFBCDominican.com or JFBCPeru.com


We are taking high school students to Kenya June 24 - July 5 for an incredible mission experience. Our team will speak to other teens in schools and churches as we encourage them to make wise choices in life. Those interested in the trip should contact the Student Office at 678-784-5355 for information and pricing.




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