Events & Registrations

Ministry Title Start Date
Youth Sports 13U JF Performance Baseball Tryouts 07/14/2018
Children 5th Grade Ignite Fall Retreat 09/08/2018
Children 5th Grade: River Wild Tubing 07/24/2018
Middle School 6th Grade Missions: One Day 07/10/2018
Worship & Arts American Celebration Preschool Childcare 07/02/2018
Worship & Arts An American Celebration 07/02/2018
Adult Boundaries 08/08/2018
Middle School Breakaway 6th Grade Weekend 08/03/2018
Youth Sports British Soccer Camp 07/23/2018
Wee School Camp Wee Shine 05/15/2018
Youth Sports Cheer Technique Classes 05/14/2018
Worship & Arts Children & Preschool Wednesday Night Activities 08/08/2018
Children Children's Camp at Ocoee Retreat Center 07/15/2018
Worship & Arts Conservatory Summer Registration 05/29/2018
Preschool Cool Play with Friends 06/05/2018
Adult Sports Cross Court Volleyball 08/13/2018
Adult Sports Crossover Men's Basketball 40+ 08/08/2018
Youth Sports Dance Camp 06/25/2018
Cheerleading Dance Private Lessons 05/31/2018
Youth Sports Day Camp (Waitlist) 07/09/2018
Adult Sports Dietician Consultation 01/01/2018
Youth Sports Eagles Elite Cheer Full Year Evaluations 05/12/2018
Youth Sports Eagles Elite Cheerleading - Half Year 07/09/2018
Youth Sports Eagles Elite Cheerleading - Special Needs 07/30/2018
Guest & New Member Care EXPLORE Dinner with the Pastor 08/12/2018
Middle School Fast Food Mondays 06/11/2018
Life After Fifties GrandCamp 07/11/2018
Children Ignite: Sink or Swim for 5th Graders 06/27/2018
Adult Introduction to Bibliology 08/08/2018
Adult Sports JF Fitness Summer Classes 05/29/2018
Youth Sports JF Flag Football 08/18/2018
Youth Sports JF Soccer 08/20/2018
Youth Sports JF Sports Flag Football Training Camp 06/25/2018
Youth Sports JF Tennis Camp 06/19/2018
Adult Sports Low-Impact Dance Fitness 05/30/2018
Young Marrieds & Families Marriage Prep Workshop 01/19/2018
Adult Sports Men's Basketball Free Agent List 40+ 08/08/2018
Men's Bible Study Men's Night Out 05/09/2018
Middle School Middle School Generate Camp 07/16/2018
Prayer Night of Hope 01/14/2016
Worship & Arts Orchestra Pops Concert 08/25/2018
Adult Sports Pickleball 01/02/2018
Adult Sports Postnatal Fitness 03/19/2018
Preschool Pray & Play 02/08/2018
Adult Sports Prenatal Fitness 03/19/2018
Special Needs Shine Soccer 06/09/2018
High School Sk80's 07/11/2018
Adult Sports Small Group Training 03/19/2018
Global Ministry Summer Lunches 05/29/2018
Adult Summer Movie Night 06/07/2018
Worship & Arts Teeny Tykes & Tunes Music Class 09/10/2018
Youth Sports Tumbling Classes Summer 05/14/2018
Cheerleading Tumbling Private Lessons 10/17/2017
Adult Understanding Islam and the Christian Crusades 08/08/2018
Youth Sports Upward Flag Football 08/18/2018
Youth Sports Upward Soccer 08/20/2018
Adult Sports Volleyball Free Agent List 08/13/2018
Youth Sports Worship Through Dance Fall 08/13/2018
Youth Sports Worship Through Dance Mini-Intensive 07/09/2018