Men's Basketball

Cross Over Men's Basketball is a league for men of all ages who are looking for an opportunity to put a team together and compete.  League times vary through out the year with a 17 and older league in the summer and 40 and older league in the late summer and early fall.

Tournament Info

A and B Loops will play on 6/30, 7/2, 7/14, and 7/16.  The times will be 7 p.m. and 8 p.m.  The tournament schedule will be posted after the last week of games.  This will be a single elimination tournament.

A-Loop Standings

  A-Loop Conference Standings  
        Wins Loss  
  1 Thunder   8 0  
  2 P.O.G 6 2  
  2 Jive Turkeys  


  3 Koncak 5 3  
  3 Recreational Excellence   5 3  
  4 Hall   4 4  
  5 Stormin' Normans   3 5  
  6 Syrios 3 5  
  6 East Cobb Nuggets   1 7  
  6 Hutson   0 8  
  updated as of 06/27/14        

B-Loop Standings

  B-Loop Conference Standings  
        Wins Loss  
  1 Stamps   7 1  
  2 How Great Thou Arc 5 3  
  3 Knot in our House   4 4  
  4 Warner   3 5  
  4 Olivia 3 5  
  5 Apostles   2 6  
  updated as of 06/27/14      

17+ Men's Basketball Statistics

Weekly Scoring LeaderA-Loop = Connor Smith [Stormin' Normans]– 35 points, B-Loop = Jason Smalls [Olivia] - 27 points

Perfect Free Throw Percentage Leader - A-Loop = Jordan Harrell [East Cobb Nuggets], Jeff Ware [Hall], Zachary Antoine [Jive Turkeys], Thomas Byrd [Jive Turkeys], Darnell Richardson [Koncak], Adam Kincaid [Recreational Excellence], Bradley Grayson [Stormin' Normans], Demetrius Mack [Thunder] B-Loop =  Ivan Howard [Apostles], Griffin Peterson [How Great Thou Arc], Mason Peterson [How Great Thou Arc], Brennan Boatright [Knot In Our House], Cameron Geiss [Knot In Our House], Alex Machado [Olivia], Jason Smalls [Olivia], John Beddingfield [Stamps]

Weekly Most 3's Made Leader - A-Loop Dontarius Blake [Thunder] - 8 threes, B-Loop = Jason Harding [Stamps] - 3 threes

Weekly Team Points Leader -  A-LoopThunder- 108 points, B-Loop = Stamps 68 points


Season Points Per Game Leader - A-Loop = Tyler Morgan [Jive Turkeys] – 27.6 ppg, B-Loop = BJ Wood [Olivia] - 21.6 ppg

Season Total Points Leader A-Loop = Tyler Morgan [Jive Turkeys] - 193 points, B-Loop= BJ Wood [Olivia] - 173 points

Season Free Throw Percentage Leader - A-Loop = Gene Moss [P.O.G.] – 15/16, B-Loop= Joshua Peeler [Warner] - 11/13

Season 3's Made Total Leader A-Loop = Bernard Parks  [Thunder] - 45 threesB-Loop = BJ Wood - 50 Threes

Season Team Points Per Game Leader -  A-Loop = Thunder – 94.25 ppg, B-Loop = Stamps - 66 ppg


Updated as of 06/27/14

40 and Older Men's Basketball

 Information: Cross Over 40 and older Men's Basketball is for those 40 and older. Play is held in the Activities Center at Johnson Ferry.  It is an 8 game regular season plus a single elimination tournament at the end.  The league recruits captains who then bring in a team to play.  Please see below for more information about beginning the process of becoming a captain or information on becoming a "Free Agent."

Game Nights: Wednesdays (tournament games could be different nights)

Tentative Game Dates:

  • July 30
  • August 6, 13, 20, 27
  • September 3, 10, 17
  • Tournament begins September 24

Who: Men 40 and older as of July 30, 2014

Registration: Online; $75 per player.  Registration ends July 2 at 10 a.m. Once captains are finalized they will provide their team with registration instructions.

Basic Team Guidelines: A minimum of 8 players required and no more than 12 per team.  If your team does not have 8 players registered, Free Agents will be assigned until the 8 player minimum is met.


Free Agents: If you are not interested in being a captain and/or do not know a captain who is bringing a team in the league then we have a free agent list.  A spot is not guaranteed but you will be waitlisted. Captains will be able to recruit members from the list. Please be prepared to provide your height, position you prefer to play, years experience, and level of experience to help captains know a little more about you.  The Free Agent Application is to the right on this page.

40 and Older League Rules

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