Impact Cheerleading


Johnson Ferry's Impact Cheerleading program is building the next generation of leaders through the sport of competitive cheer.

Impact Cheerleading is for girls age 4 through 8th grade.

Girls are divided on squads by grade and skill level so that there are squads for girls just beginning as well as for grls who have cheered and/or have tumbling experience!

Last season we had five squads of cheerleaders (130 girls) who competed in three regional Impact competitions. Four of those squads competed at an Impact Nationals competition along with 25-30 other Impact Cheerleading squads from around the country. Each squad did very well!  

Divisions Offered:

Kindergarten and Under: Eagles Spark

2nd grade and Under: Eagles Ignite

4th grade and Under: Eagles Dynamite

6th grade and Under: Eagles Extreme

8th grade and Under: Eagles Explosion


Dates: TBD

What are Assessments?

Purpose: To be able to place each girl on the squad that is best for her age group, self-esteem and skill development

  • The Kindergarten and Under division will not be assessed.
  • During each assessment several girls at a time will rotate through 4 stations (dance, jumps, tumbling and cheer motions)
  • Coaches will encourage each girl at each station as they do their best!
  • Parent meetings will occur for each division while the girls are being assessed.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many times a week do we practice/compete?

Squads will have one weeknight practice and one weekend practice each week.

Practice attendance is important. Competitive cheerleading is a team sport. The full squad is necessary at every practice to determine spacing alignment and visual appeal. All members are needed at each practice to maintain safety standards while practicing stunts. Each member plays a vital role in each stunt. Stunts cannot be practiced safely when girls are missing from practice. Practice is extremely important and needs to be a priority.

Kindergarten and Under: Squads will practice no more than 1 hour and 15 minutes during the week and will have a weekend practice.

1st-5th Grade Squads: Squads will practice no more than 1 hour and 30 minutes during the week and will have a weekend practice.

6th-8th Grade Squads: Squads will practice no more than 2 hours during the week and will have a weekend practice.

What will my child do at practice/competitions?

4 yrs old - 8th Grade: Squads will learn a 2-1/2 minute routine of Cheer, Dance, Tumbling, and Stunts. Coaches are trained by the Fellowship of Christian Cheerleaders (FCC). Each child receives a devotional book for the season, and a devotion and memory verse is taught at each practice. We consider this to be a #1 priority in their training to become future leaders and role models.

When does the Season start/finish?  Saturday, August 2 and we will bring our season to a close in January after we return from Nationals in Orlando, Florida and our End of Season Celebration

How old does my daughter need to be in order to participate?

4 year olds-8th graders are eligible to participate in Impact Cheerleading.

*Must be 4 years old by June 1, 2014 to be on the Kindergarten and Under Squad.

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