Outreach Ministry


Be a positive and fruitful witness for Christ
where you live, work & play.

Palm Sunday weekend (April 12)

The Thread

The Thread is a concert on April 12 and 13 by the JF Choir and Orchestra. It is a great first touch experience.  
If you have neighbors that have not been to JFBC and would like to accompany them to a complimentary dinner before the concert on
April 12 at 5:30, please contact us.  We will have reserved seating for the concert and a great dinner. A couple of the concert participants will be coming down during dinner to welcome our guests.  Call Lisa for more information about this event at 770-795-3247.


How will you reach out to your neighbors, friends and co-workers in 2014?  Have a great idea or story we can share? email outreach@jfbc.org with details.

10 ideas for building relationships with your neighbors and co-workers.
1. Special Delivery - Notice when you get a new 
    neighbor and go to meet them.  See details below 
    how we can help!

2. PRAY for your neighbors.

3. Dessert or Cookout - invite 1 family or all the 
    surrounding families and start building those 

4. Mini Collections/Drives - include your neighbors in collection for 
    items as we do drives at church. Let them know where it's 
    going and how they can help. 

5. Tailgate in your driveway or clubhouse parking lot-
     Get your neighbors together to enjoy a game or go to the park and create your own game!

6. Invite your neighbors to church with you. Grab lunch afterwards. Offer to pick them up.

7. Neighborhood Association Activities - Go to your neighborhood activities if you are available.  
    Great chance to meet your neighbors.

8. Go for a WALK - Just a simple act like going for a walk or taking the dog for a walk around the neighborhood 
    can help you meet people. If you don't run into anyone, start praying for each house as you pass by, just keep 
    your eyes open while you're walking :)

9. Go to a local high school game- Go with your neighbor or meet someone there. You are bound   
     to meet someone new or see someone you haven't run into in a while.    

10. Start a Bible Study - Click here for a great website for starting a Neighborhood Bible Study.


Ministry Opportunities

Red Cross Blood Drive
April 14, May 12, June 9...

Sign up at www.redcrossblood.org with sponsor code jfbc.

We will be having a blood drive every month in 2014.  Put the 2nd Mondsay on your calendar and you can help in multiple ways---
1.  Give every other month.
2.  Volunteer at the registration or the refreshment table at the drive.
3.  Provide baked goods to make our refreshments extra special! 
4.  Tell your friends and neighbors there is a close place to give with friendly volunteers and great refreshments!
5.  Pray that everyone that comes will feel the spirit of Christ at Johnson Ferry!

Kid's Hope USA Mentoring Program at Local Schools

One child, one hour, once a week...change a life!
You can be partnered with a child from Murdock Elementary or Powers Ferry Elementary for the entire 2013-2014 school year to meet with them one hour per week and show them God's Love in a tangilble way. Matches are bases on needs and time available. You only have one child and you also choose or recieve a prayer partner to pray behind the scenes for you and your child. We currently have 22 mentors at Murdock and there are new stories everyday! It  is a positive for the children, the mentors, the teachers and the parents!


 Special Delivery

Do you have a new neighbor that you would like to welcome to the neighborhood and let them know about Johnson Ferry? The Outreach office will supply you with a welcome bag and information for your new neighbor. You can add to it or take it as is. Then give us feedback on how it went by sending your story to outreach@jfbc.org

Ongoing Opportunities

 Resource Needs Group

Would you like to serve a single mom or an elderly neighbor with your gifts and resources? We all need a little help sometimes and our church community can lend a hand. We will email you when someone has a need such as a specific item, a small home project, yard work or an errand.

Opportunities in Local Schools

We are partners in Education with several local schools that feed into our children and youth groups.  We also serve in schools where no "official" partnership exists.  If you have a heart to be on a team for your child's or grandchild's school or just one that is on your heart, please call us about opportunities.
Some examples would be:
Prayer Team
Service projects requested by school
Volunteer team to encourage the teachers and administration

Has God laid a ministry to our community on your heart?

We believe that it is the investment in our own families and in our own neighborhoods that strengthen our church. Has God been leading you to do ministry right here in your own Jerusalem? Call to find out how we might be able to come along side you in a ministry that is within our purpose and core values.




Ministry Callout Form

Ministry Callout Instructions

Once you have filled out the downloadable Ministry Callout form, available at the link above, please email the form to volunteer@jfbc.org.

Questions ?


Lee Taylor  Pastor of Outreach


Lisa Joyner
 Outreach Ministry Coordinator
Susan Thompson
 Ministry Assistant